Thursday, May 15, 2014

Style Inspiration!

So we all know who Angela Simmons is and if you don't I suggest you Google now! She is another one of my favorite celebrities not only because she is a smart and savvy business woman but she is a fashion killa to say the least! I can honestly say I can't remember an outfit of hers that I had to step back and say to myself, WHY? She is a girl who is all about her shoes, just like me, and with her sense of style she definitely makes GREAT picks! So here is one of her outfits that I choose to re-create, I had fun making this outfit and you all will be seeing more of her on my blog!

Shirt-Aeropostale $32.99
Skirt- TopShop Faux Leather $76
Shoes- UrbanOG $42.20
Sunglasses- Target $14.99
Lipgloss- Sephora Shiny Perfect Nude $14 

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